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Peoplesoft create tiles

Peoplesoft create tiles

How to create an image only tile and add to a fluid homepage? Solution Job Aid: Fluid Homepages in PeopleSoft Financials GeorgiaFIRST Financials v5. Takeaways. 57 and some of the lessons learned and things to watch out for in the new release. Once you have logged into the database, you will be taken to the main Campus Solutions Administrator page. Job Description 1.

To create a Navigation Collection and add it as a Tile in your Homepage allows for easy access to related Classic and Fluid pages. 2 ChartField Values ORACLE PEOPLESOFT Delegation Inquiry ORACLE PEOPLESOFT SpeedChart ORACLE PEOPLESOFT Create/Update Journal Entries ORACLE' PEOPLESOFT Generate Journals ORACLE' PEOPLESOFT PeopleSoft HCM, Financials, Supply Chain, ESA Oracle Cloud Talent Acquisition (Taleo) –Consulting Healthcare Life Sciences Gov’tContracting Help clients drive revenue, reduce cost and manage talent through optimal deployment of PeopleSoft and Taleo HCM and Financials suites New Module Implementation, Deployments PeopleTools Upgrades •Offers fast and intuitive navigation across PeopleSoft applications. 2. PeopleSoft HCM PUM Image 26 Released.

For example, if I am a PeopleSoft developer, then I should see a tile for managing security. making them secure Akiva also provides Data Subset feature to create a compact database with a smaller footprint and less data PowerBI Tiles Pro online is compatible with PowerPoint, Word and Outlook on Office 365 for Mac OS. Job Aid: Fluid Homepages in PeopleSoft Financials GeorgiaFIRST Financials v5. If you want to learn Fluid and improve your PeopleSoft Development skills, Jim has the best PeopleSoft training.

a. PeopleBooks: Tile Wizard Classes There are three main areas in the Tile where we can add dynamic content - Tile Content, Live Data and Badge. Adding Tiles to My Homepage You can personalize your Homepage to assist you with navigating and accessing your most frequently used pages. PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture addresses installation, configuration, testing, patching and upgrades and this all comes together in PeopleSoft Cloud Manager.

But upon trying everywhere it is mentioned to create fluid page and click on tile to go to the fluid page. The Crossword Solver finds answers to American-style crosswords, British-style crosswords, general knowledge crosswords and cryptic crossword puzzles. Introduction: A tile on a fluid homepage is similar to a pagelet on a classic homepage. 2 Upgrade.

Tiles provide a new PeopleSoft navigational and informational structure. If no index polygons are specified in this parameter, optimized index polygons are generated during processing to aid in tile creation, but they are not Employee Self-Service > Travel and Expense Center > Expense Report > Create Creating an Expense Report The following information is intended as a supplement to the material covered in the online Travel and Expenses (T&E) – Traveler 9. 2) The tile leverages the ability to display dynamic content from PeopleSoft, including visual content from PeopleSoft Pivot Grids, or other information sources. Presenting WorkCenters as Tiles on Fluid Homepage in PeopleSoft Applications Concept of Fluid in PeopleSoft Introduced with Peopletools 8.

If you skipped Windows 8, you may be in for a quite an adjustment, particularly when it comes to Start menu “tiles”. 1) Last updated on APRIL 08, 2019. PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface Rel 8. Quick Tip: How to Create Navigation Selections and Tile Wizards in PeopleSoft Fluid.

54: Fluid User Interface Developer’s Guide, creating fluid applications relies heavily on CSS 3. 54, PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface moves away from pixel-perfect page layout and provides greater flexibility with the enhanced use of cascading style sheets (CSS3), HTML5, and JavaScript. You will notice that the Pagelet menu structure (Classic Menu structure) has been replaced with a Tile Menu structure (Fluid Navigation) and a right hand navigation tool. Dynamic CTE Prompt table I was asked to create a prompt record for the Recruiter prompt on our Job Requisitions to make it easier for our Talent Acquisition team.

Users PeopleSoft Applications are moving to a common look-and-feel that optimizes the user experience for end users. Each of those tiles generates a target URL. The tile has a nice layout and looks great with the new color scheme Oracle used in PeopleTools 8. We can provide this by creating a Fluid Dashboard following these steps: 1.

According to the PeopleSoft Application Fundamentals PeopleBook this news link tile is an additional tile brought over from iHub: Additional Tiles If you set up integration through the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub, the Employee Self-Service page can also display tiles from the integrated systems. Put this structure near the bottom of the page so that the PeopleSoft Fluid UI Oracle University Course PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface Rel 8. 4. HCM PUM Image 26 was released this past week after a short delay from the previously communicated target date.

Scenario: Create a fluid tile with Data Type as “Navigation Collections” and place the Fluid tile in Fluid landing Home Page. This type of layout is called Masonry layout. They’ve created several approaches in the Fluid user interface to help you get there quickly. The templates are used to create the actual instances or environments.

Fluid Pages • PeopleSoft Pages in a new form factor that render on a mobile device • Designed for touch screens •The PeopleSoft 9. PeopleSoft/CMS/ERP Knowledge Base Finance Accessing CFS CFS Overview & Access Adding Navigation Tiles to your CFS Homepage Adding Navigation Tiles to your CFS Homepage This article covers how faculty and staff with access to CFS can add navigation tiles to their CFS Homepage which appears when they first log in to CFS. No matter your style these sleek high shine tiles are the perfect fit! Subway Peel and Stick Backsplash contains 4 pieces on 4 sheets that measure 10 x 10 inches. We depend on RDBMS’s trigger feature to track changes made through non-PeopleSoft methods.

Enter Job Opening Type. This includes web maps (like OSM base map or Osmarender), so if you have one of those, be warned that tiles generation will take a very long time since the generator has to download each tile from the web before it can generate a tile itself. 1 7 d. PeopleSoft has come up with a Database Level auditing feature using which we can combine both the PS delivered Audit and Database’s Trigger feature They both benefit from a table-less HTML design, which is a welcome change from classic PeopleSoft.

See More. Style tiles establish a direct connection with actual interface elements without defining layout. 2. 2 course has been updated through update image 15.

Kyle also shares an issue with Rich Text Editor images and Dan shares another “Adventures in MOS”. jQuery Masonry is one of jQuery plugin to create masonry layout. Concrete floor tiles are decorative and durable, and can imitate the look of other materials, like natural stone. Navigate to PeopleTools > Portal > Structure and Content.

Navigate to PeopleTools > Portal > Tile Wizard. Note: Make sure your rest URL is using external facing server name and not internal names. com for more information. This is the only option for MCCS.

Richard Wood also a great write-up on on building Fluid Tiles and Navigation Collections as well. Then wrap these with another group box with a type of Custom Action Menu. 3 | PEOPLESOFT FLUID USER INTERFACE PROGRAMMING FUNDAMENTALS Create the link that you want to add to the actions list in side a layout group box on the page. PeopleSoft HCM, Financials, Supply Chain, ESA Oracle Cloud Talent Acquisition (Taleo) –Consulting Healthcare Life Sciences Gov’tContracting Help clients drive revenue, reduce cost and manage talent through optimal deployment of PeopleSoft and Taleo HCM and Financials suites New Module Implementation, Deployments PeopleTools Upgrades Fluid applications live on tiles within homepages.

Also new in PeopleTools 8. PeopleSoft Campus Solutions (CS) 9. Click on the create button: Give the tile and name and title, then click next: Complete this page with all the details from the navigation collection just created: You can alter the security assigned to the tile if you wish, once complete click next: Recently I had some trouble setting up the approval tile in PeopleSoft 9. 57 [Release 8.

How to setup, configure and use PeopleSoft Mobile Expenses & Approvals As mentioned in my previous post , Mobile Expenses and Approvals for PeopleSoft FSCM 9. Maps are compatible with Leaflet, Mapbox GL SDKs, GIS, WMTS/WMS, XYZ map tiles, etc. 54 is a two-day course introducing students to the new development paradigm, Fluid User Interface. After installing and learning some of Tiles concepts, it is time to create some pages.

Currently, the PeopleSoft Fluid UI and the PeopleSoft Classic UI look different because they are separate interfaces developed with two different technologies in PeopleTools. Most of the API is still undocumented, but you can make use of PeopleCode Auto-completion feature to explore the API methods and properties. How to Create a Simple Pagelet in PeopleSoft and Add it to a Homepage Select a Source Portal Click on the look-up icon for Menu Item Navigate to the desired page: Self Service > Time Reporting > Report Time > Timesheet PeopleSoft News Tile with HTML Area using CSS Part 2 Here we go with Part 2 on how to accomplish this task Step 1. PeopleSoft is not an exception to this reporting evolution.

Custom Tiles in SharePoint Servers 2016 and 2019. 55 and later Information in this document applies to any platform. 3. Add all of your tiles, and for Show On, check the boxes next to the page or pages that you’d like each tile to appear on.

tpk file. Understanding the PeopleSoft Online Help and PeopleBooks for ways to access product documentation. APPLIES TO: 2013 2016 2019 SharePoint Online In SharePoint Server, users can quickly and easily get to all of their SharePoint and Office 365 workloads directly from the app launcher. mga.

Enter the answer length or the answer pattern to get better results. If you have not yet had the chance to convert your entire menu structure to use more modern navigation techniques, then you are stuck having to rely on the Fluid Navigator to get you where you need to be in some cases. Fluid Homepages appear when you log in to the HR Direct PeopleSoft system. 55 and to plan your IT projects and investments.

Create Expense Report Tile Selecting this tile allows you to create a Fluid expense report for yourself or someone for whom you are an Authorized Expense User. For the purpose of this demo we will create a Free Text tile where we embed a YouTube movie. Excellent technical expertise on the People tools technologies and below are the mandatory skills required for the position Online complex customization's , Fluid development and tiles, workflows (AWE), App engine, Integrations(IB) and XML publisher reports. •Add, remove or move tiles.

STEP 3: From the Travel and Expenses dashboard, three different tiles can be used to create an expense report. Steps Descriptions 1. Enter the Business Unit. To unify the PeopleSoft 9.

View instructions on how to add tiles to your CFS Homepage. PeopleSoft’s delivered Audit feature works only for changes made from online. I started as a PeopleSoft Developer and moved on to PeopleSoft Functional roles after doing my MBA. 0 for the look, feel, and layout of the runtime application.

Specifies a pregenerated index of tiles based on feature density, applicable only when the tile_structure parameter is INDEXED. To add a description and tags, choose File > Map Document Properties from the main menu and enter a description and tags. Here you will find the steps to create reusable Tiles pieces and complete pages. Listed below are some key considerations and helpful tips for designing and deploying PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface.

We'll create a homepage for our Suduko application, and add the tile to contain the content reference that was created from registering our component. I just need to spend an hour looking at it. Embed your Power BI visuals in your Office documents in seconds. The look and feel of PeopleSoft has changed with the 9.

How to Create a Simple Pagelet in PeopleSoft and Add it to a Homepage Select a Source Portal Click on the look-up icon for Menu Item Navigate to the desired page: Self Service > Time Reporting > Report Time > Timesheet E-FLUID: How to Create an Image Only Tile and Add to a Fluid Homepage? (Doc ID 2146282. Ashish Masks sensitive information in the PeopleSoft Finance and HRMS non-production environments like development, training, testing, etc. through personalizing a system-delivered homepage or by creating a customized Other Tile Features – Now you can even display external contents inside a PeopleSoft tile. Re: PeopleSoft PeopleTools Meta-Tables We use a tool called Saphir from Silwood Technology that is all about browsing the metadata in a PeopleSoft system.

55 introduced the Tile Wizard App Classes which enable us to use the API to dynamically modify Tile Content. Fluid Tiles • Configurable navigation buttons placed on a Homepage • Typically only create tiles for those pages which will be accessed via a mobile device. • Once you have logged in, PeopleSoft not only runs on cloud infrastructure but is intentionally engineered for the kinds of platform and application automation essential for managing applications in the cloud. Masonry is another grid layout but it will fill out the whitespace caused by the difference height of elements.

54. Along comes ElasticSearch in PeopleSoft, and that shows the way to not only just create JSON documents but also parse them. Custom tiles for the win How to create custom Windows 10 Start menu tiles The Windows 10 Start menu can be customized with different tiles to represent your favorite apps, games, and websites. Homepages Delivered homepages align to oracle's published standards of either role based or function based design like Employee/Manager Self-service or Workforce Admin, Procurement Operations etc.

PeopleSoft Human Resources Rel 9. PeopleTools 8. We have already seen the development of PeopleSoft Navigation Collections in my previous post Navigation Collections in PeopleSoft. In fact it helps the project if more people do this, since it is a great way to demonstrate the flexibility of OpenStreetMap (you can create your own map style, and render your certain tags more prominently) and it means less load on our tile serving infrastructure.

Tiles give users direct access to targeted transactions. The easiest way for a user to add a tile that is a navigation shortcut is to navigate to the page, click on the triple bar button in the top, and select add to homepage. Access the path PeopleTools > Portal > Dashboard > Manage Dashboard Pages → Fluid Dashboards. It is a structure on the homepage that will help the user navigate to a fluid page (or even a classic page), but the tile also can provide valuable information in its own right.

PowerBI Tiles Pro. Homepages can be organized and delivered to end-users with tile content appropriate for specific Finally PeopleSoft HCM group is caught up with the Financial group and has launched the Notification tile. Using a Button. When launched, that security tile will display a left-hand panel for navigating within the Security business process.

1 7 Self Service Homepage Tiles 1. ) • Option 2 (Recommended) – Click on the My Expense Reports tile. Oracle White Paper—PeopleSoft Applications Portal Value 3 Introduction The PeopleSoft Applications Portal can serve as the gateway to your enterprise or the rest of the world. I don't exactly like this solution.

The Tiles overview; Creating the Tiles; Adding the Tile to fluid homepage; Below is the link to video in YouTube. •Organize tiles based on user needs or preferences. Our packaged solutions enable you to quickly and easily plug core PeopleSoft functionality directly into your intranet. You then create a Free Text tile that uses HTML and disables the main hotspot.

Required/ Suggested Fields: 1. This week on the podcast, Jim Marion joins Kyle and Dan to talk about PeopleTools 8. We want to talk about how to add, remove, and customize them. FLUID: How to Create Homepage with Remote Tiles in Interaction Hub (Doc ID 2065503.

The input map document must have a description and tags for the tool to execute. We realize your time is valuable and we have kept that in mind when creating this course. Loading Unsubscribe from Ravi Jain? Cancel Unsubscribe. Goal.

On Fluid-enabled systems, the PeopleSoft Navigation Bar is also available on PeopleSoft classic pages, creating a seamless experience for users as they navigate the system. PeopleSoft Blog on HRMS Key Concepts Tiles in PeopleSoft fluid homepages Recently we had an issue when payroll wasn't creating segments for a new country for A Smörgåsbord of PeopleSoft Fluid Navigation Options – Homepages, Dashboards, Navigation Collections, WorkCenters, Activity Guides. •Can be configured to serve as the entry point for all users. In the video demo below, I’ll show you how to create a PS Admin Fluid Tile so you can simplify your navigation in PeopleSoft.

55. •This course is intended to give you a frame of reference for basic navigation skills when the system is in place. You can email your advisee by clicking the corresponding ID, as well as create and view your advising notes for each advisee on the Advising Notes page. 2 Basic Navigation course provides the training necessary to get you started in the upgraded PeopleSoft 9.

The desktop version of PowerBI Tiles Pro, also included in the license, isn’t currently available for Mac OS. Enter the Company. 55 (Training On Demand) (D100025GC10) This PeopleTools I training introduces the PeopleSoft application development methodology. Get the look of classic subway tile with these peel and stick tile panels! The sleek white and grey design is perfect for a modern farmhouse, industrial loft, or minimalist bathroom.

edu #188 – Maintenance Tiles This week on the podcast, Kyle follows up on his Maintenance Tiles work and explains why he rewrote it using Portal Registry APIs. Modify it so that you include the new Show On column. 2 Activity Guides provide users with a list of tasks that need to be completed for a specific process, such as the on-boarding of a new employee or benefits enrollment. Homepages consist of a collection of tiles that show information to the end -user, and enable an easy way to navigate around the system.

How to Create Custom Tiles in Windows 10 Start Menu. Create the image in application designer XYZ_IMG in your desired format. The first step is to access the tile wizard using the new navigator or with the Class Menu path: Home > PeopleTools > Portal > Tile Wizard I have ""Create Job Opening"" option on the NavBar menu inside ""open Jobs"" tile. 2 , PeopleTools Comments: 0 According to ESG research, nearly one-third (32%) of IT professionals believe that mobile devices have become crucial for their organization’s business processes and productivity, while another 55% consider them to be very important.

I've been working in PeopleSoft technology for 15+ years now. PeopleSoft Fluid UI – Getting Started August 13, 2016 8. PowerBI Robots. 2 | Page Job Aid: Creating and Submitting a Fluid Expense Report in PeopleSoft Financials GeorgiaFIRST Financials 1 1 .

o The My Advisees tile enables you view your advisees and their details in either grid or tile format. Now, our tile will be published on “PTFL_PEOPLETOOLS” Folder successfully. There are some new pages, some old pages made new again, and new navigation. Select the Create Expense Report tile.

Once a new hire/rehire completes the guide, the onboarding tile will be removed (on the next business day) and they will navigate using the delivered PeopleSoft tiles. Refer to ‘Log into PeopleSoft Financials’ guide for login instructions . Style tiles are for when a moodboard is too vague and a comp is too literal. 2 2 .

Hence they can be used for creating dynamic reports Note: A tile on a fluid homepage can be compared to a pagelet on a classic homepage. 55 has added many features which made PeopleSoft more user friendly and attractive in that Navigation Collection ad Tile wizard are the one of the exciting new features which prominently reduce the user time in navigation through various component pages and made the home page more attractive. Also there is a tile wizard in place which will make the creation of tiles easier. Also, see .

2 Finance system. (This allows you to review what expense reports Creating a Tile and Adding to Favorites. 22 . In Below page, we need to provide tile layout properties and tile Repository details.

1 was introduced at Oracle Open World 2012 and is now available for download, delivered with bundle 23. ) Over the course of a few presentations we’ve watched as well as several discussions we’ve had, we’ve come to notice there is some confusion between Dashboards and WorkCenters in PeopleSoft 9. I analyzed the data and could not filter it down to a couple of Jobcodes, then I realized 90% of the associates that reported to the head of Talent Acquisition were recruiters. The biggest adjustment in working with Fluid Applications is that PeopleSoft development/support teams will need to increase their web skills in the areas of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

54 to 8. 0 tutorial. Tile Content Tab - Set CREF to 'Required' to include tile on homepage PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface is a new user interface which allows developers to design applications which will be responsive based on the device being used by the user. It is a road map intended to help you assess the business benefits of upgrading to PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.

1) Last updated on FEBRUARY 20, 2019. Unfortunately, not all users are ready for this transition, as I have heard from many customers that upper management do not want to use a digital device to access the reports, so they still prefer the printed alternatives. But the requirement is to create a new tile, clicking upon which it should redirect me to the classic ""create job opening"" page. 2 Homepage.

This is your CFS 9. Sometimes a client needs a tile in the Homepage which opens another homepage with more content reference tiles, pivot grid tiles etc. I found the attached resource, from Oracle, to be extremely useful. Web Maps generate-tiles Command uses all the map sources currently registered in the map.

Create HTML definition XYZ_HTML to display image in HTML area PeopleSoft Fluid - Tile Wizard Ravi Jain. You can find the additional information referenced for each feature by copying and pasting the topic name into the Search bar of the PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Online Help website. Add beautiful, fully customizable post tiles or tiled galleries anywhere on your WordPress site easily with WP Tiles. In this post I’ll cover three ways of doing this on a PeopleSoft page.

Tools like Pivot Grids, actionable charts and Simplified Analytics all point to the same direction. This blog details the implementation and utilization of Dynamic Tile in PeopleSoft. Applies to: PeopleSoft Enterprise PT PeopleTools - Version 8. These are user-specific tiles and cannot be shared with other users.

Fluid Component Content References should be contained in a folder within the delivered Fluid Pages folder Creating a Tile and Adding to Favorites. • Option 1 – Click on the Create Expense Report tile. The Free Text would then have links to each of the targets generated by the tile wizard. Activity 5: Adding Public Tiles • From the homepage you want to add tiles to, click the òthree-dot button or Action s List at the top right • Click Personalize Homepage • Click Add Tile • Click PeopleSoft Applications • Review the list of Public Tiles • Pick a Public Tile that mostly closely relates to your job PeopleSoft PeopleTools I Rel 8.

They work well for clients who have established brands and need them to translate smoothly to the web. Design your perfect rug with FLOR. . The Crossword Solver found 21 answers to the Company aims to create pattern of tiles (6) crossword clue.

Tile Create Replacement Job Opening icon These tiles should launch WorkCenter-like Navigation Collections, Activity Guides, and so on. Related Resources The tile on the left-top is Topology, to set definitions and specify the overall architecture. WP Tiles is a WordPress plugin that allows anyone to create beautiful tiled layouts for their website. This version allows you to embed real-time data from Power BI directly on Office documents.

As described in the PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8. Expert Oracle University instructors deep dive into conceptual information and cover the tasks and techniques used to develop fluid applications. Create HTML definition XYZ_HTML to display image in HTML area According to the PeopleSoft Application Fundamentals PeopleBook this news link tile is an additional tile brought over from iHub: Additional Tiles If you set up integration through the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub, the Employee Self-Service page can also display tiles from the integrated systems. Credits to Chris Malek (his article is a must read) for showing us the way.

Design and host maps with OpenStreetMap vector tiles and open-source tools. Understanding Homepages and Tiles . In your Tiles list, from the List tab, go to the All Promoted Links view. Lisa Chow, HCM Product Manager Director at Oracle, recently gave an overview of what’s new and exciting in the world of PeopleSoft Time and Labor.

•Commodity Codes in PeopleSoft often correspond to Freight Classes •Items are assigned a Commodity Code •For this example, we want to create a form that will allow a user to request the addition of a new Commodity Code and then for that code to be automatically added to PeopleSoft when approved PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface Training Rel 8. Creating and Maintaining Tile Definitions Manually In certain circumstances, you must create or maintain tile definitions manually—for example, to create a tile for a fluid activity guide, to create a tile to access a navigation collection using a PeopleTools-delivered activity guide template, or to update an existing tile definition. I have never worked on Fluid. Description: This PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface Rel 8.

30 1 1 . This 5-day course gives you a general overview of PeopleSoft system architecture, as well as the tool set used to develop new applications or customize existing PeopleSoft applications. Finally PeopleSoft HCM group is caught up with the Financial group and has launched the Notification tile. 55 course by example.

Needs to be enabled for desktop users. 2, The PeopleSoft Human Resources Rel 9. Oracle wants to get you where you want to go in PeopleSoft. I talk about creating a PS Admin Fluid Tile to simplify my navigation in PeopleSoft and how I enjoy using that Tile.

Windows 10 Start Menu may be more conventional but if you wish to customize tiles to your liking, then here's a way to do just that. PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface was created for mobile users and if desktop users needs to use Fluid pages, then it needs to be enabled separately. Enter: - Business Purpose For general information about fluid pages in PeopleSoft HCM, Team Time Tile. Tiles allow users a quick way to perform routine tasks, such as decision making or monitoring.

I'm sure there is a better way. Create magnets, coasters, trivets, wall-art and much more with our seven tile sizes! Read Our Blog Discover cool ideas, fascinating stories and answers to your questions about ImageSnap tile. Creating Tiles. Show Notes Branding Objects @… Read More.

57. •Provides consistent user experience irrespective of the mobile device used. 4] Generally, when setting up tile image in PeopleSoft Fluid, the system accepts only SVG images, but you can bypass this constraint in the following way: 1. 55 introduces you to the new PeopleSoft development paradigm for the Fluid User Interface.

For information on accessing this tutorial Many things have changed with the Start menu from Windows 7 to Windows 10. The simplest way to do this is to place a button on the page and change it to a hyperlink. There is also lot many new options to size your tile in the dashboard. 54 you are able to create Pivot Grid models using Component as the data source.

There are many tools out there to create custom live tiles, and OblyTile Still in your Tiles list, go to the Items tab in the ribbon, and click to create a new item. Continue Reading I talk about creating a PS Admin Fluid Tile to simplify my navigation in PeopleSoft and how I enjoy using that Tile. Homepages can be organized and delivered to end-users with tile content appropriate for specific (Note: Jack Kochie, a MIPRO Senior Principal Consultant, contributed to this post. Tile Wizard – The new tile wizard makes tile advent easy, and Oracle recommends users to exchange for the use of tiles.

Create impressive dashboard tiles in Excel Charts and Graphs , Cool Infographics & Data Visualizations - 11 comments If you want to tell the story of how your business / project / charity / thing is going on, then making a dashboard is the best way to go about it. (This will take you directly to the expense report entry page. This was a popular feature requested by Windows 10 users. Generally, when setting up tile image in PeopleSoft Fluid, the system accepts only SVG images, but you can bypass this constraint in the following way: 1.

Creating an ER – You will need to complete a separate ER for each business purpose Navigation: Click on Expenses tile > Create Expense Report tile (If you are an alternate, enter the appropriate employee ID using top left corner down arrow to select Change Employee menu item under Actions). Main Menu > Recruiting > Create New Job Opening 9/7/2012 HRMS 5 Human Resource Management System Module 1: Create Job Opening in PeopleSoft Create New Job Opening 1. Changing the page title in Fluid at run-time One of our customers asked us to implement nested landing pages, in which some tiles would open a second landing page and eventually a third one and so on. 2 Update Image 8.

The default is Standard Requisition. This can be useful for tutorial or instruction like purposes. When you sign in to CFS, the new landing page is a blank blue screen where you have the ability to create tiles of commonly used pages/functions. Recently I had some trouble setting up the approval tile in PeopleSoft 9.

55 training introduces you to the new PeopleSoft development paradigm for the Fluid User Interface. W hen the upload is complete, a green bar will appear at the bottom of the Configuring an Activity Guide in PeopleSoft 9. I have ""Create Job Opening"" option on the NavBar menu inside ""open Jobs"" tile. It can include the entire PeopleSoft menu, user favorites, recently used links, and navigation tiles that help users access the parts of the application most important to them.

Chose the folder you would like your link to be in or you can add a new folder just for this new link if Windows 8 introduced some new and innovative ways to use the Start screen in lieu of the traditional Start Menu. This PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface Training Rel 8. !! Next adding your tile to fluid Home Page as explained in my previous post PeopleSoft Fluid Tiles-Part 1. PeopleSoft delivers a tile wizard that can be used to create shared tiles.

. This course gives you a solid foundation to implement PeopleSoft Human Resources for an organization. 55 , Fluid , PeopleSoft 9. There are three main benefits that Applications Portal provides, all of which contribute to an enhanced experience for your user communities: Creating your own tiles is a great way to use OpenStreetMap data.

Usage. Introduction: PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface Training Rel 8. Create two classic pages in PeopleSoft to add news PeopleTools 8. With PeopleSoft User Interface, developers can create mobile applications to use device features such as camera for image uploads.

Creating and using Tiles pages. The Fluid Navigator is the new navigation technique that most closely resembles to old Classic style drop down menu navigation. You can also notify one or more advisees , selecting the type of notification you require. However, they failed to gives users the tools to create, modify and tweak the lives tiles the Start screen uses.

Selecting this tile will allow you to create a Creating and Submitting Expense Report in PeopleSoft Financials www. Contact us at education@destech. 5/30/2017; 4 minutes to read; Contributors. Embedding PeopleSoft into your SharePoint portal has never been easier.

If you intend to customize or create any fluid application, expert knowledge of CSS is required. Click me to Email. PEOPLESOFT Process Monitor ORACLE PEOPLESOFT Report Manager ORACLE PEOPLESOFT CFS 9. In this article.

Allow you to send and display screenshots of your latest Unique pieces with contemporary materials and traditional techniques of high-quality Portuguese, thought for those who believe the difference. •Create additional landing pages. Our modern carpet tiles allow you to create custom, unique area rugs that are as durable as they are stylish. Click on Next Button and “Publish” the tile.

2: Manager Self Service Navigation Quick Reference Guide My Team Job Openings/Position Mgmt. It show tables and fields with the nice 'English' descriptions, let's you navigate around relationships, and also groups tables by module. in Tile 3 The Creators Update also comes with a switch to hide the app list in the Start menu in Windows 10. It leverages the ability to display dynamic content from PeopleSoft, which includes visual content from pivot grids or other information sources.

Modomo is an American company partnering with one of the most successful Italian Tile Manufacturers to bring quality products and knowhow specifically tailored for American lifestyle. Only InFlight addresses the challenges and considerations that are unique to integrating PeopleSoft into SharePoint. While concrete tiles come in many shapes, sizes and colors, you may want to create Generates tiles from a map or basemap and packages the tiles to create a single compressed . The next tile is the Environment Template, which is a cookie cutter analogous to (or just uses) the PeopleSoft Deployment Kits (DPKs) delivered in Tools 8.

How to create a 3D Terrain with Google Maps and height maps in Photoshop Understanding Homepages and Tiles . With Fluid, a PeopleTools developer has more control of the HTML5 and CSS3 that is being generated, and less PeopleTools 8. By Jeff Pearsall May 2, 2018 . This document provides an overview of the new features and enhancements planned for Oracle’s PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.

The biggest change is how you navigate in PeopleSoft and Time and Leave. PopelSoft Fluid Tiles However, if you want to save money by purchasing whole module instead of in parts then visit this page to get more details PeopleSoft Functional and technical online training PeopleTools 8. To learn more about creating Pivot Grids consider taking the new two day course PeopleSoft Pivot Grid Rel 8. Use the Create Vector Tile Index tool to create index polygons.

If you have your email client configured, try clicking the link below and you will know what I’m talking about. With the app list hidden, and the ability to group tiles on the Start menu, it is going to be awesome to use and much better to look at. The onboarding guides will provide specific steps and benefit videos that match to the new hire’s/rehire’ s employee class. I've been involved in implementation, upgrade, support and customization of PeopleSoft HRMS and FSCM applications.

The course provides conceptual information and covers the tasks and techniques used to develop fluid applications. Creating a fluid tile. • Once you have logged in, Dashboards can show tiled content material similar to home pages, but additionally permit Tiles to display external, non-PeopleSoft content such as information from a BI gadget or an outside website or software device. Step 2 - Create Homepage Tile.

Put this structure near the bottom of the page so that the Tiles, also called grouplets, provide a discrete view to a segment of the PeopleSoft application. Other Tile Features – Now you can even display external contents inside a PeopleSoft tile. peoplesoft create tiles

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